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About Us
We are a group of family and friends who between us have the capability to put on, stage or custom create any event, party or occasion.
A high percentage of our business is from repeat customers and referrals. Basically we love a good party, and work to the best of our ability to ensure that yours is the best it can be. 
Providing you with the entertainment, support services, equipment, decor or venues to suit your needs.
Alternatively if all you want is a good disco, we have over 30 years experience involving 3 generations of Brackstones', so give us a call.
We can do:-
  • Weddings
  • Birthday Parties
  • Engagement parties
  • Charity Events
  • Theme Nights
  • Anniversaries
  • Christmas Parties  
If its a childrens party your planning, we can do them just like the big ones but smaller, shorter and cheaper.
We can do:-
  • School Discos
  • Birthday Partys
  • Mini Me Karaoke
  • Party Games
  • Prizes
  • Party Bags
We have other discos on our books, all friends, long established and all of a good quality, with depth of music and lighting to suit all needs.  So availablilitly need never be a worry.
We can't sing but maybe you and your friends can!  Karaoke parties can be so much fun.
The more you sing the less we have to.  We like that and maybe you will too.
Special pub rates, or why not combine the two, disco and karaoke for that special occasion.
We also have other keen karaoke providers available to book through us, so again availability need never be a worry.
Boogie Nights
This is a special concept theme night provided by Bracark Promotions.
4 DJ's, 4 decades of music majoring on the 70's & 80's. Celebrating the best of discos hay day.
Hire just the DJ's & their record bags if you have a venue and set up of your own or hire in the whole gang and all there equipment and lighting to create not just the night you where looking for but also the atmosphere that is.............Boogie Night!
Ok so maybe your planning something a bit bigger than the norm and need to make sure even the people at the back of the aircraft hanger can still feel all there vital organs vibrating to what ever crazy grooves your putting on. Well we might just have the solution to pretty much any requirment or need below. We may even be able to help you book the right professional club standard mixing DJ's for a variety of dance music styles, we know one or two.
PA hire
There are many different options here, but this is what you could have. 10K active Peavy rig, loaded with SPS Kevlar Blackwidow speakers.  With all associated amps & leads. This rig not only looks impressive but will produce sounds you won't believe, it is quite simply bullet proof and the absolute nuts.  It comes delivered and fully set up, with the added option of a sound engineer to stay with it and monitor your output to achieve the optimum sound all night.
Depending on the size of your event we can supply you with any opiton from 1 to 10k, with prices from as little as £100 with additional K's at £50 with delivery and set up depending on distance.
DJ equipment hire
Ok there are many different options here to and we like to think we have the best in quality and design Pioneer decks and selection of mixers to please any profesional DJ.
CD decks
a pair CDJ500S.  prices    from £20ea
a pair CDJ1000 MK2.        from £30ea.
Turn table
Technics 1210 deck           from £20ea.
DJM300. 2 channel .         from £15.
DJM500.  4 channel.         from £25.
DJM800.  4 channel          digital          from £40.                                     
Still more to come. Watch this space for further goods and servies.
UV lighting. Decor hire. Wedding planning. Band bookings.  Please ask.
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